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August 21, 2020

4 Week and 5 Week Old Baby: What to Expect

At about a month you and your baby are both gaining confidence in this new world and motherhood. From baby's hearing being fully developed, to moving their head side to side, learn what to expect at 4 week old and 5 week old baby mark! 4 Week Old Baby – Feedings and Sleep At the […]

At about a month you and your baby are both gaining confidence in this new world and motherhood. From baby's hearing being fully developed, to moving their head side to side, learn what to expect at 4 week old and 5 week old baby mark!

4 Week Old Baby – Feedings and Sleep

3 week old baby and 2 week old baby

At the 4 week old and even 5 week old baby mark, baby could be nursing 8-12 times a day, but between 4 to 8 weeks old, they should start nursing 7-9 times a day. 

If drinking formula, your baby will go from wanting a bottle every 2 to 3 hours to 3-4 hours as baby grows and gets closer to the 5 week old baby mark.

Baby will start taking 1-2 longer stretches at night. Remember to take advantage of nap times to catch up on sleep or get errands done. 

4 Week Old Baby – Checkup/Tracking Percentiles

Every parent wants to be sure their child is growing appropriately; head circumference, length, and weight are the typical measurements at each doctors visit. 

If baby is measuring within the 50 percentile that means there are 50 babies smaller and 50 larger than them. If baby jumps from 90 down to 50 within the checkup periods then there could be a concern. As long as baby is progressing each time there should be no worry. Be sure to talk with your doctor if you have any concerns. Click here to learn more about percentiles.

4 Week Old Baby – Reflexes

Baby should be able to hold their head up for a few minutes and lift their hands towards their face reaching of their mouth. Baby will continue to control strong reflex movements like moving their head side to side as well as make a fist and make jerky arm thrusts. 

Baby is also gaining more and more ability and muscle strength as the week ago on. Tummy time is a great way to practice for rolling over soon!

5 Week Old Baby – Brain Development

Your baby can recognize you or another family member and express excitement through faster movement or widening eyes. They can now see about 18 inches in front of them and listen to you speaking. 

Since hearing is fully developed at this stage your baby may move his head towards sounds, especially ones that are familiar.

Cooing may start during the 4 week old or 5 week old baby period and baby will continue to try and make noises like gurgling sounds.

Newborn Surprises – 4 Week Old and 5 Week Old Baby

Baby acne, cradle cap, clogged tear ducts… what else can go wrong?  In the first several weeks the unknown is starting to occur to newly born baby. Because they are so little and still developing a little bit every day, they may experience some minor non-harmful issues that seem to be more of a bothersome to parents than it is to the baby. 

4 week old baby - 5 week old baby
  • Clogged tear ducts for instance can cause goo build up in the eye and become glued shut after every nap. This condition is temporary and something that they will grow out of soon. It is also easily managed with warm cotton ball compresses over the eye.
  • Another one is baby acne. Not much you can do besides let it run its course. Parents are never too happy with this, especially if its before their newborn photoshoot, but baby should clear up before you know it!
  • We have all heard of cradle cap, but we have not all experienced it. One of my two boys had it and it lasted quiet a while. It wasn’t until about a year that it started to fade away. I made sure to gently moisturize his scalp with baby oil and brush out the flakey skin as directed by my doctor. It should start to clear up after each time.

Mom After Baby - 4 week old and 5 week old baby

At this point your belly may my bloated still, this is normal especially for the first several months. Remember your stomach was stretched with a baby in it for quite sometime. Women’s bodies will bounce back on their own, and even quicker with some exercise and healthy eating. Its incredible what the women body can do!

Stretch marks will start to fade as well with some time, but are mostly permanent and a sign of strength and beauty. Some may get them and some may not,  this based on ones genetics and some believe its all about the moisturizer throughout pregnancy.

Date Night

Parents need to start thinking about getting out for a date night or spending quality time without baby.

A lot of times parents can get lost in the hardships of raising a newborn and children in general. So make sure you set time aside to get help or hire a baby sitter to have some relaxing adult time. It is important and healthy to have balance in your relationship after baby is born, but will be one of the hardest challenges for many.

Spa days are also needed for mom and eventually should start to happen as momma and baby get into a routine. Around the 6 week mark is when you can really begin being active and yourself again after the effects from giving birth go away.

Remember mamma, you are a superhero and are capable of so much more than you may know. Our children help strengthen us everyday and make us become more beautiful inside an out. When things get tough remember you are not alone and it is okay to have bad days. Stay strong and know you are amazing!

-Krystal Almora
4 week old baby - 5 week old baby
Article written by Krystal Almora