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August 30, 2020

6 Week and 7 Week Old Baby: What to Expect

At this point you and baby have went through life changing moments from labor and delivery, to meeting each other for the first time. With frequent growth spurts, the 6 Week old and 7 week old baby mark is getting you and baby closer and closer to more sleep and less feedings. Below is what […]

At this point you and baby have went through life changing moments from labor and delivery, to meeting each other for the first time. With frequent growth spurts, the 6 Week old and 7 week old baby mark is getting you and baby closer and closer to more sleep and less feedings. Below is what to expect from baby and development

6 WEEK OLD BABY: What to Expect

Around this time, you are usually checked and cleared by your doctor to go back to normal activities. It is important to listen to your body to know how you are feeling and when you are ready to be active again. Self-care is important and to set a healthy path for you and baby.


3 week old baby and 2 week old baby

Baby will continue to need 6-8 feedings a day around 3-4 ounces for the next couple of weeks. Bowl movements may be different from baby to baby, most important is to keep an eye out for hard poops or constipation causing baby lots of pain. Loose to soft movements are most normal for newborns. Formula fed baby may tend to be a bit more constipated due to high iron formulas.


4 week old baby - 5 week old baby

Some great news, around the 7 week old baby mark your baby’s fussiness may be less noticeable and baby may seem more calm at night. According to a study published in 2011 in Archives of Disease in Childhood, around the 5 and 6 week old baby mark is when the peak of evening fussiness occurs most. Rest assure knowing you have passed this point and will hopefully be getting better sleep.

Keep note that all babies are different and may be less or more fussy at their own pace, but keeping a structured bedtime and allowing them to fall asleep on their own is very important.

DEVELOPMENT - 6 Week Old Baby

During the 6 week old baby mark they should love doing tummy time. This excursive will help build their muscles to roll over. Baby’s head should be lifting up on its own in this position or when on your chest. Also baby will be making more graceful movements with arms and legs. 

Baby will be self soothing around these next couple of weeks. They calm down on their own and start getting more and more comfortable in the real world outside of the womb. Sucking on a pacifier or fist may also help calm baby. 

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Baby will try and find your face and different sounds, make sure you pay close attention and give baby lots of love talking to them and being around them. They may even coo and gurgle back at you to talk.

At the 6 week old mark baby may follow a toy or your hand back and forth with there eyes. Baby can get bored, so be aware if your baby needs stimulation. Keeping them entertained will start to become a habit over time as baby sleeps less. 

Moms need to take advantage of getting stuff done around the house during the long sleep stretches. Remember to get your rest as well, as the saying goes… “sleep when baby sleeps!”

7 WEEK OLD BABY - What to Expect

At the 7 week old baby mark, your little one may bring  you new surprises when you least expect it. There tiny bodies are going through growth spurts and first time developments that need lots of love and patience. Your baby is learning to stay calm more, which is a sign of getting ready to sleep more in the near future!

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As you monitor baby at home and through checkups, baby should continue to grow and develop as projected to. Keep in mind that baby growth may be rapid at one point then slow down for a bit. Baby gains around 2 lbs a month and will grow around 10 inches in the first year.

REFLEXES - Around the 7 week old baby mark, baby should be trying to hold objects in their hand. Baby’s like to open and close their hands prating their grip. Try placing your finger out for them to grab. You will notice baby will hold tight onto your finger. They are getting ready to pick stuff up and move them from hand to hand. 

Thanks to all of the brain growth for 6 week old and 7 week old baby, you will notice baby being more alert, trying to take everything in around them. Baby is learning to be more calm and learn new skills a little more every day.

Aside from tracking down familiar faces and voices, baby’s smile will happen around this time. Smiling and sharing happy expressions with baby is what being a mom is all about. They are adorable for a reason so take it all in and watch as your little one lights up the room when interacting with you.


newborn must-haves

Your baby will have their 2 month vaccinations soon. Make sure to do research on the shots your baby will get so you can make a confident decision and be in the know. Your doctor will be able to help you with any questions or concerns.

Many exciting milestones are approaching in the next couple of weeks. Look out for baby’s real smile to happen especially when seeing familiar faces and sounds. Remember to enjoy every one of these moments! 


Around 6 weeks is your post partum checkup. The doctor will give you a form to fill out to check on how you are feeling and doing mentally, physically, and emotionally.

It is normal to experience some kind of depression or baby blues after giving birth, 50 to 75 percent of new moms will. It can happen immediately or take up to a year for some to experience it. Baby blues are usually manageable and self treated, especially with a great support system. 

Up to 15 percent of these women will develop a more severe and longer-lasting depression, called postpartum depression that may require medical treatment. 

The most common symptoms include:

  • Crying for no apparent reason
  • Mood swings with irritability and anxiousness
  • `Feeling overwhelmed
  • Change in eating and sleeping

To learn more visit the American Pregnancy Association 

Article written by Krystal Almora