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September 3, 2020

8 Week Old Baby - 10 Week Old Baby: What to Expect

You did it! You and baby have reached the 2 month mark. This is when you start to gain confidence in this new world of motherhood. One of the things you will notice more is babies alertness. They are getting use to the outside world and becoming little observers. This brings more calmness and less […]

You did it! You and baby have reached the 2 month mark. This is when you start to gain confidence in this new world of motherhood. One of the things you will notice more is babies alertness.

They are getting use to the outside world and becoming little observers. This brings more calmness and less business as baby develops and grows. Playing and interacting with baby is a lot of fun at the 8 week old baby to 10 week old baby mark! 

8-Week-Old Baby 

8 week old baby - 10 week old baby


This is such an exciting milestone to see your baby growing and interacting through hearing different sounds and getting exciting when seeing familiar faces. This excitement will bring on coos and gurgles showcasing their ability to communicate with you. Talk back to baby. This will encourage there behavior and create a happy place for them to develop these skills.


Moving of the arms and legs at the 8 week old baby mark is a lot different from when baby was first born. The movements will be more graceful and coordinated. Sucking on fist or fingers is also something you’ll notice and a way to calm baby down.

This will be nice to see baby sooting themselves and creating nice groundwork for putting themselves to sleep at night. Babies at the 8 week old baby mark can hold on to things for a period of time, but can’t actually play with toys just yet. Having rattles and things the can practice grabbing is great!

Tummy Time and Head Lifting

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These two go hand in hand. Giving baby opportunities to lay on their tummy allows for their head and neck muscle to get strong. Babies at the 8 week old mark should be able to lift their head for a short amount of time as well as move it side to side. Tummy time can also encourage baby to roll over, this usually happens around the 3 month mark.

Weight Gain

4 week old baby - 5 week old baby

Get ready to switch out the newborn onesies. Between the 8 week old baby and 10 week old baby mark, you will notice your baby is not a tiny little newborn anymore. They will gain anywhere from 2-4 pound since birth.

The chunky baby rolls will start to show and they fill out more arpud the 8 week old baby mark. Chubby cheeks are always a favorite! Resemblances will also get more defined at the point and you may notice who baby may look like more. 

Eating Schedule

3 week old baby and 2 week old baby

As you may realize by now newborns are sporadic and unpredictable. One week you may be sure you have everything under control, the next baby is projectile vomitting everywhere. I promise you this is all normal, especially to happen around the 8 month old baby mark. Just focus on weight gain and checking in with the doctor.

If baby is holding down feedings and on track with their weight gain, its okay for them to have reflux time to time. Baby should grow out of this fairly quickly and start to develop more. Remember spit up is just what babies do. Keep going Mamma and take one feeding at a time.

Baby's Engagement 

newborn must-haves

Baby should be able to make eye contact with you around the 8 week old baby mark. Engagement is very important and to stimulate them when needed. Reading is also a great way to interact with baby and help develop their social skills, you may get even get an excited scream or laugh letting you know they are happy, instant melting of your heart! 

Remember babies develop at different paces, so if baby hasn’t laughed yet it may come around the 9 or 10 week old baby mark. Baby is conscious of surroundings and can recognize moms scent and face as well as dads or other close caretakers. If you seem to have doubt in babies development the doctor can help guide you with any questions or concerns.

9 Week Old Baby

newborn must-haves

Head and shoulders

As mentioned for 8 week old baby mark, every baby grows at their own pace. If their are things that didn’t happen in previous weeks, the 9 or 10 week mark is when you may see baby lifting arms, head, or shoulders adding to their coordination skills. Tummy time will always be a great way to strengthen their muscles and encourage them to move around.

Baby's Mental Growth

6 week old baby - 7 week old baby

Baby is starting to notice patterns and shapes around them. This stimulates them to move their arms and legs and will help them learn to coordinate their movements. While gurgling and cooing all of the above is mental progress as they navigate their new world.

Not too early for teething

Didn’t expect teeth at this time huh? Especially after getting through the night time challenges of a newborn. It’s not common, but at the 8 week old baby to 10 week old baby mark you may see some choppers trying to appear. This may cause drooling or extra discomfort for baby, but not all babies have a hard time with teething

Preparing for Sleep Schedule

Routine is key. Keeping it the same before bedtime is helpful for baby to unwind and know its time to sleep. Less stimulus before they get sleepy the better. When you notice signs of tiredness thats when you should start putting them in the crib to learn to soothe themselves to sleep.

It is not always as easy as it sounds. Sticking through the hard times and the cries will be best in the long run for you and baby to get a safe and full nights sleep. Also try not to let them get overtired which will throw you and babies sleep schedule off. You got this!!!

2-month check-up

The most unsettling feeling is when your baby receives their 2 month shots. The screaming and anxiety that comes from this moment is not the easiest to go through, but knowing its for your child’s safety is all that matters. Make sure you talk to your doctor about what shots your baby will be receiving and why. There is never a wrong question or too many questions. Be confident in knowing what is needed for your baby and their future.

Mom After Baby

newborn must-haves

Being a new mom comes with a ton of unfamiliar and unexpected things. As much of the love that exists with having a baby and the rewarding feeling of caring for them, we can’t ignore the hardships of what comes along with it. Having a support team and relatives close to help is extremely important, but not every new mom has that.

Knowing that you are not a lone when feeling alone during this time is reassuring. Focusing on the positive and happiness of your new bundle of joy helps you through the baby blues. Talking to someone or reaching out to loved ones is a great way to get through it. Remember, just by carrying a baby in your belly for 9 months and delivering them into the world makes you superwoman!!!

Treating a Cold

4 week old baby - 5 week old baby

The most dreading part for a mom is seeing their child sick, but we all know it is important and a normal way of life of building the immune system. If you or baby have a cold you will most likely pass it to one another, so be on the look out for symptoms or sleep disrupitons.

Most of the time doctor will recommend Tylenol for newborns to help with discomfort. Sleep and feedings may be effect when baby is sick, a nasal pump or suction to get mucus out is always helpful for baby and relief!

Flat head syndrome

Around the 8 week old baby to 10 week old baby mark is when you need to check in with the doctor about Flat head Syndrome. Remember to keep baby rotating throughout sleep time. You never want them to lay on any side for to long or it may cause a flat spot. Usually baby's skull will work itself out as the grow.

10 Week Old Baby

newborn must-haves

Can you believe its been 10 weeks? Your baby is in double digits now and growing rapidly!!! This can be bitter sweet for parents seeing baby grow so fast, retiring the bassinet and newborn items, just remember to enjoy every moment and take lots of pictures!

Eating and sleeping

newborn must-haves

Baby is chunkier now, and starting to out grow their newborn onesies if they haven’t already. Baby will now be eating more in a feeding as their bellies have grown. They will probably still be sleeping 14-17 hours a day, and some lucky parents have babies who are sleeping through the night.

If this isn’t happening yet don’t worry, it will soon! Also make sure to check the straps in your strollers and car seats to adjust them appropriately as baby grows.


Your babies motor skills are continuing to get better. Grabbing and taking hold of things around them is becoming easier with practice everyday, and as their vision is becoming more accurate. 

Dangling toys and things baby can grab is super helpful for them to better their skills. Sometime their hands and fingers become a distraction as they focus in on them. Notice baby may blow bubbles with their lips making an adorable razzing sound. This is too cute to see as parents watch their little one grow and learn new things!

Mom and Baby 

4 week old baby - 5 week old baby

Giving baby soothing rubs on their belly or their little legs helping them fall asleep is a great way to bond with baby, letting them know you are there by their side. Your love for them is clear as you interact and care for them everyday.

Baby bicycles are a great way to interact as well as help baby with gas release. They love the motion of their legs back and forth as it may give them some relief in a fun way. 

As baby tries talking to you, or crying, to let you know when they are hungry, tired, wants to be held etc., they are taking bounds and leaps in their abilities and having you as their favorite person means the world. Keep being awesome Mammas!

Article written by Krystal Almora