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February 22, 2021

10 Best affordable sustainable clothing brands in 2021

Ready to dive into the best list of sustainable clothing brands of 2021? We got you covered! These top 10 brands all bring something unique and different to the table while standing for sustainable and ethical practices. Most sustainable brands genuinely care for children and the future of our planet. Before we get into the […]

Ready to dive into the best list of sustainable clothing brands of 2021? We got you covered! These top 10 brands all bring something unique and different to the table while standing for sustainable and ethical practices. Most sustainable brands genuinely care for children and the future of our planet. Before we get into the brands, below are some questions you may have about the importance of being organic and what sustainable clothing means.

organic banner
organic banner

What is sustainable clothing? 

Sustainable clothing refers to fabrics derived from eco-friendly resources, such as sustainably grown fiber crops or recycled materials. They also consist of fabrics that are made in a way that is better for the environment and the overall planet and consumers themselves. If you would like to learn more about GOTS or explore the benefits of organic cotton farming, visit the following websites: aboutorganiccotton.org global-standard.org

Why is sustainable clothing more expensive? 

Ethical and sustainable clothing is more expensive than fast fashion because many ethical brands are very transparent about their practices and where the money goes. You can be sure you're paying for a quality product and not for a logo. It is much more challenging to be an organic, sustainable clothing brand that's made in the USA, for instance, the clothing brand Hashtag Kids. Costs can be higher to obtain these specific qualities.

What is ethical clothing? 

Ethical clothing deals with the moral side of the industry, namely animal rights, human rights, inclusivity, and supply chain transparency. Publicly showcasing certain certifications, such as no child labor, is something sustainable brands practice in order to maintain an ethical image.

How do you know if clothes are sustainable?

Check the Materials and brand policies. Unless they're made from vintage, upcycled or waste fabrics, the textiles used by sustainable clothing brands should be made from recyclable, renewable materials like linen, hemp, Tercel, organic cotton, or silk.

Top 10 Sustainable Brands:

  1. Hashtag Kids
  2. Pact
  3. Monica + Andy
  4. Colored Organics
  5. Beya Made
  6. Jackalo
  7. Orbasics
  8. Lark Adventurewear
  9. Primary
  10. Hanna Anderson

Hashtag Kids

No surprise Hashtag Kids is towards the top of the list. This brand represents many wonderful qualities such as being sustainable, 100% organic cotton, charitable through every sale, made in the USA, and even going as far as their packaging and screen printing all done in a way that is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

They offer basics, exclusive styles, and one-of-a-kind graphics ranging in sizes 0m-24m (baby), 2t-6t (toddler), and 8y-12y (kids). A con would be their variety of styles gets less as the age range goes up, but their fabrics are high quality and you can find a decent amount of affordable basics for babies and toddlers.


Like Hashtag Kids, this brand also uses organic cotton because it sustains the health of soils, ecosystems, and people by using natural farming processes. That means no toxic chemicals and 91% less water than non-organic cotton. They offer organic clothing for Men, Women, Baby, and Kids. Pact's products are Certified Organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Monica + Andy

Using the softest, safest GOTS-certified organic fabrics, Monic + Andy make limited-edition prints and mix-and-match essentials. They offer products for infants all the way to 8y, as well as nursery items and products for moms. They are a leading brand in the kids clothing industry that's sustainable and organic making a better tomorrow for moms and babies.

Colored Organics

Honest, ethical, and absolutely adorable. These values have inspired every aspect of Colored Organics is about. They know that making the switch to organic, ethical fashion makes a big difference in the clothing industry. That is why they are committed to creating clothes that do good, not just in our homes, but throughout every stage of production and beyond the clothing industry. Colored Organics offers clothing ranging in sizes from 0m up to 8y, as well as toys and more!

Beya Made

Beya Made is a collection of expandable clothing for babies & toddlers that grows with your child (so you need fewer of them!) This is what is unique about this brand. The clothing is made with the future in mind, not only as kids grow but through the sustainable aspect as well. How cool right?


Jackalo is all about empowering children to be their authentic selves... "We make clothes for explorers, adventurers, tinkerers, and thinkers. We make clothes for kids who climb trees, play in the mud, skate, build, and read. We make clothes for kids who are brave, who are trying to be brave, who are finding themselves every day."

They believe in making an impact on people, the environment, and the planet as a whole. They provide clothing and accessories for kids and women.


Orbasics provides wardrobe classics in unique colors that mix and match effortlessly, designed to make mornings a breeze. "Stylish, sustainable, and simple with a little touch of magic – that’s what we want for our children’s clothes. Its clothes, made better."

They provide children's basics as well as women's clothing produced with a commitment to fair trade, the environment, and quality.

Lark Adventurewear

Lark Adventurewear makes quality baby clothes that can easily endure the daily life of an active infant or toddler. They pride themselves on being the only brand that uses technical fabric, their exclusive Softek™ bamboo wicks-moisture away from delicate skin, regulates temperature, and is UPF 50+.  Their products are perfect play clothes that transition from outside to indoors and are all about convince for children and parents.


Primary clothing is one of the more bright-colored brands that focus on bettering the planet, similar to the brands we've listed above. "No labels, no slogans. Just super soft, sustainable, simpler clothes that your kids will love." They offer products from 0m to 12y and really focus on a variety of colors that their customers love and can choose from directly on their homepage. Who doesn't love a pop of color to brighten your day?

Hanna Anderson

Hanna Anderson founded this brand to bring quality clothing, made soft durable with simplicity value. They have a variety of fun patterns and designs that kids love!

"Sustainable clothing is a big part of Hanna’s history and an even bigger part of our future. From our organic cotton fabrics to our signature hand-me-down quality, we’re committed to working toward a more sustainable future for you and your family."

We hope you loved our list and know you can trust these top 10 sustainable clothing brands to have quality and affordable products! 🙂

Article written by Krystal Almora