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Top Cute Baby Onesies and Kid Graphics

August 9, 2020
Krystal Almora
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What mom doesn't love a cute baby onesies? Most babies wear cute onesies all day every day... and kids love the cool graphic tee they can feel confident in and have fun wearing. At Hashtag Kids we believe adorable kids clothing should be fun, safe, accessible and affordable for all families.

Back to School - Essentials + Graphic Tees

Having unique one-of-a-kind options for children is what separates us from other brands. We truly care about having an original exclusive experience but in a healthy affordable way that kids can be safe yet have confidence wearing what they love.

Our graphics created were originally hand drawn and inspired by baseball wife and mom of two boys, Krystal Almora.

"Children's imaginations are like endless possibilities of creativity and fun. Their free innocent nature is what is most beautiful and inspired me to draw things kids love and make them happy to see. Putting a smile on their face is what its all about!"

-Krystal Almora

Aside from basic wardrobe essentials, check out what one-of-a-kind graphics are available now at

Hashtag Kids!

SUMMER SALE! - Cute Baby Onesie and Tees

cute baby onesies

The Summer Favorites Collection features 9 baby products and 4 matching toddler tees.  All of the designs were inspired by the things kids love during the summer, such as ice cream, and the most favorite, SHARKS! 

We all know that baby shark song that cant get out of your head. Babies and parents enjoy these originally created cute baby onesies all summer long. These designs are also available in bundled discounts. From ice cream cones, to sea monsters, we have it all to make your little one smile!

Take advantage of the sale for some cute baby onesies and graphics tees featured in the Summer Favorites Collection!

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AMERICAN COLLECTION - Cute Baby Onesies and Graphics 

USA BABY onesie graphic - blue - organic - kid image

The American collection features 6 different graphics representing the USA. These are the perfect items to celebrate the American holidays throughout the summer. The products come in baby, toddler and kids sizes. 

One thing we are super proud of is all of our products are made in the USA. We take pride in supporting small businesses, farmers, and every person involved in the organic process to grow the cotton and manufacture the clothing.

Take advantage of the sale for the cute baby onesies and graphic tees featured in the American Collection - SHOP NOW!

american banner 2020 SALE

Peace Love Unity - Cute Onesies and Graphic Tees

PEACE, LOVE, and UNTIY are things we all want to teach our kids to grow up knowing. It is important for us to inspire parents and as well as teach kids that these principles are imperative in todays society and for the overall planet.

At Hashtag Kids the hand drawn one-of-a-kind graphics are made by moms, inspired by kids. We will always have kids and parents best interest in mind when it comes to every aspect of creating and selling the clothing.

White #Peace Onesie with heart
Black #Peace T-shirt

Giving back 

We are #thankful for our followers and supporters. Each month Hashtag Kids donates 15% of their sales to St Jude and Kelsey's Kaleidoscope to help children and families in need. Without our #HashtagKids_Family none of this would be possible.

For the month of JULY Hashtag Kids donated 40 onesies and blankets to families in need to Cradles to Crayons. Visit cradlesandcrayons.org to learn more and their mission to helping children and families .

Please let us know what charity means most to you and how we can help! Also stay tuned for more ways we will be giving back.

Thank you for your #support!

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