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Organic Gender Neutral Baby Clothes and Kids Essentials

June 26, 2020
Krystal Almora

Whether you are planning a surprise birth, or looking for adorable neutral baby clothes, Hashtag Kids is your go-to brand that is there for you and your children in an affordable healthy way. Our Organic gender neutral baby clothes ranges from 0 months all the way to 12 youth. 

As a children's clothing brand we focus on pieces that are gender neutral yet creative in ways for kids to have fun and enjoy wearing. We offer a variety of unique graphics by baseball wife Krystal Almora that are gender neutral, as well as styles available in neutral colors such as creams, white, grey, peach, blues, black etc. 

Even our fun vibrant colors, perfect for spring and summer, are gender neutral baby clothes. Every collection we create is with the child's best interest in mind.

Top Organic Gender Neutral Baby Clothes and Essentials

  1. #Essentials Onesies (long and short sleeve)
  2. Cute Graphic Onesies/T-Shirts 
  3. Baby T-Shirts 
  4. #Essentials leggings
  5. Swaddle Blankets 
  6. Custom Zodiac Sign Blanket 
  7. Baby Hat 
  8. Infant Gown  
  9. Exclusive #Summer Romper 
  10. Exclusive #Bubble Romper 
  11. Exclusive #Doll Dress

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Making Organic clothing accessible and affordable to all families is part of the Hashtag Kids mission. Checkout gender neutral baby clothes and discounted bundles!

  • 2 for $20
  • 3 for $25
  • 5 for $40


Everyone loves a good surprise! What better way to do so than by not knowing what the gender your baby is until the day they are born. Hashtag Kids has you covered in everything you need for new gender neutral baby clothes.

From rompers, onesies, exclusive collections, to baby hats and blankets, we our happy to provide all natural quality fabrics that retain vibrancy and durability. 

We have a variety of neutral colors such as yellow, peach, cream, black, grey, white and colors in-between to choose from for your little bundle of joy.

 SHOP NOW  our neutral baby clothes and essentials.


Did you know only .7% of organic cotton is produced globally? This means the majority of children's apparel is made from chemical cotton. Children's skin is 30% thinner than adults, leaving them vulnerable to harsh chemicals found in their clothing.

Chemical cotton is known to be one of the dirtiest crops to grow, especially in the U.S., and is damaging our environment through its use of pesticides and toxic waste.

Purchasing Organic clothing not only assures your baby is safe wearing healthy quality clothing, but it helps save the environment and overall well-being of people and the planet.

Going Organic is more than just a trend, it is a lifestyle we choose to live and to #inspire as many people as possible. To learn more visit theworldcounts.com  Feel good, look good, do good = GO ORGANIC!

DID YOU KNOW? - 100% Organic Cotton Clothing is naturally recyclable and hypoallergenic!

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Besides providing Organic neutral baby clothes and kids essentials, our mission is to lead with a green footprint in the clothing industry to ultimately make a better tomorrow for our children and our planet. We want Organic to be the new norm and eventually the only option in the clothing industry. Let's ensure not only our children are safe, but the soil, watersheds, farmers, workers and overall planet are protected.

We are proud to be ethically and sustainably made in the USA. Supporting local farmers and small businesses is very important to us. They are our friends, neighbors and #HashtagKids_Family!

A big part of who we are is giving back to children's charities every month. We also find ways to donate baby clothes and essentials to local organization such as Red, White and Babies, and Cradles to CrayonsHashtag Kids is open to supporting all charities. Click here to request a charity that means something to you. To learn more about who we are visit ABOUT US

#Thankyou for your support and helping with our mission to make a positive change!


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