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Organic Baby Essentials Gift Box

October 1, 2020
Krystal Almora

Whether preparing for baby’s arrival, or purchasing a gift for new mom and baby, our organic #Baby Essentials Gift Box will have your child covered with the basic clothing and accessories they need. From size 0m to 24m, our gift box is a one stop shop for quality baby essentials.


Price $50 - ($70+ Value)

pink baby box products
Pink Baby Box
  • Organic Pink Onesie
  • Organic White Onesie
  • Organic White Baby T
  • Organic Baby Blanket - Pink Hashtag
  • Organic Baby Hat
blue baby box products
Blue Baby Box
  • Organic Blue Onesie
  • Organic White Onesie
  • Organic White Baby T
  • Organic Baby Blanket - Blue Hashtag
  • Organic Baby Hat
baby essentials
Neutral Baby Box
  • Organic White Onesie
  • Organic White Long Sleeve Onesie
  • Organic White Baby
  • Organic Baby Blanket 
  • Organic Baby #Hat

Who We Are

ORGANIC - Did you know children’s skin can be up to 30% thinner than adults? Chemicals and toxins lurking in traditional cotton clothing can irritate their skin. At Hashtag Kids we believe in providing families with safe, healthy clothing that is soft and gentle. Our organic fabrics stay vibrant, durable, and are naturally biodegradable.

SUSTAINABLY MADE IN USA - From our quality fabrics, to our packaging, we care to make a difference in the environment and overall well-being of people and the planet. By purchasing organic, you are ensuring that the soil, water, and workers are free from harmful chemicals; all while supporting small businesses and being made in the USA.

CHARITABLE - With every purchase you are donating a portion to children’s charities. We give no less than 15% of our sales each month to charities such as Kelsey's Kaleidoscope, St. Jude, and Child Rescue Coalition. At Hashtag Kids it's who we are to help others and give back to our communities. We've also donated blankets, onesies, etc. to non-profit organization like Cradles to Crayons and Red White and Babies.

We Promise To Be:



#Made in the USA


#Eco Friendly


Hashtag Kids is a brand by moms, inspired by children, eager to make a positive difference for the planet and for our future. We offer every day essentials for babies, toddlers, and kids, as well as specialty items and one-of-a-kind graphics. Everything you see on our site has been made with love and the best interest of our children in mind.

newborn must-haves

Our founder, Krystal Almora, is a traveling baseball wife and mom of two little boys. With the  extra time she squeezes out of the day, she dedicates building Hashtag Kids to be an affordable, one-of-a-kind, organic clothing brand for kids. She knows the importance of keeping our little ones safe and takes pride in providing kids wear that is 100% organic cotton, made sustainably and ethically in the USA, and charitable through every purchase. Additionally, her inspiration to create fun one-of-a-kind graphics for kids comes from raising two littles ones of her own. 

"Seeing kids smile when wearing our clothing and knowing parents feel good is what its all about. We are so happy to contribute to a cleaner environment and help the overall well-being of people and the planet by being 100% organic.”

At Hashtag Kids our passion create a brand that is free from harmful chemicals. Our children inspire us everyday to provide them with pure resources that they deserve; from food, clothing to everyday essentials. We want to teach children to be them organic selves.

#Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy! 🙂

We are always looking for new ways to donate and help families in need so please feel free to let us know what charity means something to you by emailing us at info@hastagkids.com or message us through Instagram @Hashtag_Kids for any questions!

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